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Gets The Job Done

Chris Mills OAM RFD, Solicitor


Our  Services

All done in our office or the Privacy of your own Home



Expert Guidance

Contrary to popular belief, the process of buying or selling a house or land can be extremely complicated.  It is an important transaction as it is probably your main asset.

We can provide our clients with a very personalised service and can assist with:

  • Contract drafting Including Special Conditions

  • Required searches

  • Negotiations up to and including Settlements

Wills & Estates

Plan for the future

We assist clients with:

  • The preparation of wills

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • Estate management

If you have been chosen to be an Executor of the will of a family member or friend we can assist and guide you to carry out your duties.  As Executor of the Estate it will sometimes be necessary to obtain a grant of probate to deal with assets of the estate such as the sale of property or obtaining bank or superannuation funds.

General Legal Advice

Achieve Your Goals

With years of experience, we can provide you with initial advice on all general legal matters but not Family Law, Criminal Law and Litigation

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